About Team Supersonic

The Beginning

Team supersonic started out with just 2 friends who loves karts, cars and motorsports. As time went by, individuals from different background, car(s) and passion joined the team and form this big family we have now. We are over 60 strong now with a majority of car owners and others like car photographers, go kart regulars and decals makers.

Our Belief

We believe that all cars is beautiful in their own way and all cars is the jewel to the owner’s heart no matter the price tag, age and power. With the same love for cars, we have members from hardcore time attack drivers to chrome showcars and even souped up family sedans. With feedback from all members in the team, we share good and bad experience from workshops, tuners, vendors, dealers and even insurance too. This helps the team to pay for parts and services in a reasonable and often amazing rate. Due to the team’s strong numbers, we are able to work out good deals with various team partner workshops, bodywork, tuners and online vendors.


The Future

Housing many talented drivers in our team, some are winning various amatuer time attack titles and granted sponsorships while many are holding their ground in many local and overseas events. We hope to work closely with various training programmes and racing teams sponsors and hope to push our drivers up to semi our even pro level in the near future.