Touge Max! Rules and Regulations

Time Attack entry requirements

– Singapore registered motorcar
– Only street tyres allowed (no semislicks)
E.g. ad08r, t1r, rs3, r1r, re71r, re11, 123s, ku31 and lower
– Driver must have a valid driver’s license (Above 6 mths)
– Oem Front windows, door panels, aircon system, Full dash board and factory windscreen must be intact.
Full rollcage allowed (fully stripped cars not allowed)
– No nitrous injection allowed

Time attack classes

Class 1 1600cc and below
Class 2 1601cc to 2000cc
Class 3 2001cc to 2500cc
Class vtec b16, b18, fd2r, fn2r, s2000(type R)
Open Class 2501cc and above

Class cc calculations

Rotary times 1.7
Turbo times 1.6

(e.g ColtR 1500cc x 1.6 = 2400cc, class 3)

Entry fee

Early bird $135
Normal rate $145
walk in rate $150

Registration opens 15th of December 2017 5pm
Please consult our staff if you are driving a hybrid car for the time attack

Click on the registration tab and fill in the form to register. (50 entry slots)