Our Story


Built on passion and love for cars, our company’s mission is to bring the best out of your ride. We do not believe that sky high prices equals to quality. We believe that bringing the best to fellow car enthusiast for what they pay is the way to go. Being car enthusiast ourselves, we understand the feelings of fellow car lovers the best. Our car reflects our personality, our preference and our way of expressing ourselves. It’s like an extension of ourselves.That’s why we will not sell anything that we won’t install in our own cars. Being a car enthusiast is a lifestyle and we hope to be a part of your lifestyle.


The Speed of Sound (SUPERSONIC) is a far and near impossible goal for any road car.Our name reflects our belief that there’s always a far way to go and there’s always room for improvement for all cars. Design and performance is both equally important to us. We think you should look good and perform well at the same time.


Born to be extremely competitive, our founder Shane Ang has won countless competitions in both the national and international level during his younger days through Singing, Inline speed skating, Basketball etc…. But something seems to be missing until he was introduced to high adrenaline kart racing overseas. His love for 4 wheelers started since. He started competing in races overseas and joined kart events locally. Soon after, Shane upgraded his sedan to a Rwd Sports Car similar to racekarts and started tracking.

Gaining knowledge and friends along the journey of car “improving”. Shane started Supersonic design and performance in hope that 1 day he can build and present Supersonic’s version of the cars we all loves.